Luisa Morales

Hi, I'm Luisa. I was born in Spain not so many years ago 😉

Life took me from Ponferrada (Spain) to Madrid, to Barcelona and now to Milan (Italy).  I’m physically in Milan but it doesn’t matter because, thanks to technology, my friends, clients, readers… could be wherever.

I’m passionate about marketing and about fashion, but the fashion as a creative expression and a well done art. I’m excited as well about technology, the internet in general, the Social networks, and overall the way all this is changing the way we work and the way we live.

I love traveling. And I love trip planning as much as the trip itself. My family and friends use my customized “guides” for their trips as well!! 😀

I’m always on line, except if there is something more interesting to do, which sometimes happens …My main hobby is cake design, yes, not very minimal…and I also love riding, music, painting, singing….so many things that I won’t have enough with a single life to do them all!

I studied Journalism but my degree is in advertising and PR for the UAB in Barcelona. I have as well a master in Digital Marketing for Rutgers University. After some years working in different advertising companies, I sat in the other side of the table and started my career in Marketing that is lasting over 18 years now. I have been responsible for different brands. I am an entrepreneur and I’ve been working as entrepreneur with “lepreg”, my fashion brand and shop for pregnant women, and now with my new projects. And I continue as a marketing and business consultant for some friends/clients.

In my blog, I post in English (as good as I can), Español, Catalan and proverò di farlo anche in Italiano.