Like music, fashion is made by simple things: sewing patterns, threads, needles, pins….simple, like music notes. But as in music, is the creative brain of the designer that makes something special with this simple things…

There are many pop classical in fashion, those brands that we all listen in all the “radio stations” and there are some others that you discover one day that you move the dial. I admit that I have being using the same radio stations in last years and I was always listening to the same fashion pop classics in different versions. But in my renewed interest for fashion as I like it, I’m being captured and surprised by the clothes, the sewing patterns, the looks of some brands not so well known for the massive public (like me). It’s so refreshing!

Here it is one of these refreshing designers Adam Lippes  and his S/S 2016 collection. I love it! I love its apparent simplicity. I love the volumes, the way that the fabrics flow, the architectural shapes, the chic engineering of each garment.


And as well as in music you don’t love all the new CD of your top list groups, you don’t have to love all the new collections of your favorite brands. This is what happened to me with Adam Lippes. I really fell in love with his S/S 2016 collection, that for me was the first one (yep, I know, he had create at least 10!!), but the F/W 2016….mmmm, I only would buy some “songs” of the complete CD. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s brilliant, but not all clever collections fit in the NotSoBasic soundtrack.

Get inspired! Play the full S/S 2016 collection here